About Pilates
Pilates is an intelligent exercise method, built around precision, perfect body alignment and the isolation of individual muscle groups. It allows those muscle groups to be worked without putting strain on other parts of the body. As you perform an exercise you will control your breathing, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the movements. You will learn to be aware of the feelings in your muscles as they begin to benefit, allowing your mind to focus on the gradual but positive improvement of your body and posture.

Absolute concentration is required as you work to strengthen the body's central core muscles and, although the exercises are simple, they are extremely effective and will help you to improve your posture, restore mobility and regain strength. Very quickly you will have a flatter stomach and you will feel toned and supple.

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise but you will discover that as you concentrate on correct body alignment before starting an exercise, it can be so much more beneficial than other, apparently more energetic, aerobics based exercise methods
Pilates for you
Pilates can benefit an enormous range of people. It is perfect for dealing with the disadvantages of our modern lifestyle. So much of what we do in our everyday lives can be detrimental to our bodies and minds. We drive long distances in our cars, work hunched over our computers, carry heavy bags and generally rush about without a thought for our bodies.

People who have discovered Pilates find that they have something to counter these disadvantages - they have an exercise system that they can practise any time and almost anywhere. It can be fitted in to even the busiest of schedules and - it works.

To gain these advantages from the Pilates, it must be learned properly from an experienced and well qualified instructor such as Jan Nicholson at Pilates Studio Cumbria in Kendal. She will assess your individual needs and will design a programme of exercise specifically for you.

To find out more about Pilates contact Jan by using the Contact Form on this website or telephone her on 07887521767.
Pilates for all
Pilates really can change your body. People with back problems will learn to build up weaker muscles, simultaneously relieving strain on injured areas and protecting the spine. Correction of bad posture can help even those who have suffered back pain for many years.

Pregnant women find that Pilates helps them to keep their muscles toned and their joints supple at a time when strenuous exercise can prove difficult. In addition they may find it easier to regain their figures after childbirth.

Jan has worked with a wide range of clients including those with hip and knee replacements, osteoarthritis and cerebral palsy. Elderly people can also benefit greatly from Pilates exercise, regaining flexibility and improving their posture.

So whatever your situation, if you are interested in exploring the Pilates method - take the first step and contact Pilates Studio Cumbria.